Canterbury Christmas Market / 23.11. – 23.12.2012

For the 7th time Whitefriars Square, which is situated right in the centre of the picturesque, medieval City Canterbury, will be transformed into a small traditional Christmas Market with app. 14 chalets.

Opening hours will be:
10am – 6pm Mon – Wed
10am – 8pm Thurs
10am – 6pm Fri
9am – 6pm Sat
11am – 5pm Sun

Visitors can enjoy the festive atmosphere of the yule-tide market, whilst relaxing with a glass of “Glühwein” (German Mulled Wine) and listening to traditional Christmas music. The typical German Sausage “Bratwurst” does not need an introduction or perhaps you decide to eat delicious Fudge to enjoy the “sweet” side of life.

While wandering about, look for and find unusual Christmas presents such as jewellery, funky windspinners, hand crafted toys, Christmas decoration, sweets, unique hats in all shapes and sizes, beautiful scarves, etc.

“Bought by you for special people at a special place”

For some more information about the Whitefriars Shopping Centre and Canterbury itself,
please have a look at the following websites:

Xmas-Markets Ltd. will be happy to welcome you. In case you have any further questions about the Christmas Market, please do not hesitate to contact us.